I know your mummy told you so when the kids picked on you at school, but the truth is you’re not that special.  I’m not saying you are not capable of doing special things or that you wouldn’t be invited to my tea party, but I think a little reality check is needed by many who don’t partake in picking things up and putting them down on a regular basis.

Here let me explain why this is so and give you some guidelines to live your life by as of now, it will honestly not take you 5 minutes but could save you hours of your time, and a few pennies in your pocket.

You don’t need a special diet

You either tolerate certain foods or you do not.  You either choose to remove types of food from your diet or you don’t.  Beyond medical and social issues though 99.9% of the population can live by these simple rules:

  • Drink 2 litres of water a day – The benefits outweigh any excuse made for this. Fill up a 2-litre bottle of water and drink it within your waking hours. Try to drink as much as early as you can so you don’t need to get up 5 times in the night for pee pee time.
  • Eat plenty of protein rich foods – no need to count or weigh your food just yet, but you NEED protein to help recover and become more awesome daily. Eat meat or eat meat free, your choice and no documentary on Netflix should sway that.
  • Eat your damn Vegetables – Your diet must include plenty of fruit and veggies, in fact I would say that EVERY meal you consume must have either a fruit or veggie present if you wish to become a fit and healthy being.

You don’t need a special training programme

Stop following dated dogma and marketing hype.  You do not require a tailored program for your needs beyond time that you have available and the goals you have.

The fact that your goals are probably the same as EVERY other person who walks through the gym doors every day means that anything beyond this goal is futile anyway.  Yes you want the health and wellness stuff but truth is you want to turn heads so quick people get whiplash.  You want abs so shredded that you could wash cloths off them and you want to swim in the sea without fishermen trying to harpoon you, is that so much to ask?

In the end these are the 3 key ingredients to looking more awesome:

  • Improve your mobility – Nothing with cripple you more than lack of mobility. Every year people end up injuring themselves doing the most mundane activities.  Lower back, knee and elbow pain are the biggest culprits and 9 times out of 10 could be avoided by stretching daily.  It could be as much as an hour of intense yoga or 5 to 10 minutes in the morning before you start your day, the key as always is consistency and knowledge.  The best joints to improve mobility and reduce pain are your Hips, Ankles and Thoracic Spine.  If you don’t want to research how to stretch these areas then speak to a fitness professional to help you build a plan.
  • Improve your Muscular strength – If how you move is the most important factor in a long and pain free life, strength is a close second. Not only will you be the first name on peoples list when they need heavy household implements moving, you will keep your body younger for longer.  Lifting weights improves not only strength in the muscles but also will strengthen bones and tendons to avoid Osteoporosis.  This doesn’t require you to move massive loads like the strongman on TV but will need you to work hard and strive to progress.
  • Improve your Muscular and cardio conditioning – You know, those activities that make you sweaty and breath a bit harder are good for you. When you increase your work capacity you improve heart and lung heath, improve blood and oxygen circulation, and increase metabolism to look good too.  There is literally zero reason you shouldn’t do something that works your cardiorespiratory system out 2 to 3 times a week minimum.  It doesn’t need to be all treadmills and stationary bikes either, doing anything that makes you sweat and get out of breath can benefit your health, I’ll leave that to your imagination but it needs to last longer than 3 minutes, sorry fellas.

So now you know the truth what’s next? Well you could spend your times researching or hunting for the perfect programme or you could just start and refine it as you go.

Eat well, train hard and turn up EVERY day.  Even the littlest of positive change makes a huge difference in your life.  You owe it to yourself to try and make the changes needed to spend more time on this planet with the people you love.

It doesn’t take any special talents and it definitely doesn’t require a special diet, training programme or that celebrity secret you think your missing out on.  If you need help or someone to help guide you through the noise, then we at Realfit specialise in creating the right environment to get the results you want.

So, what are you waiting for?

Now go get the day!

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