5 healthy habits that you should try to implement into your daily routine.

Drink more water. Everyone knows this but it makes such a difference. Not only does it provide you with no added calories but it will help to fill you up. So if you have a glass of water before, during and after dinner then it will help you to consume less calories as you will fill fuller.

Try not to eat in front of the television. When we sit and eat whilst watching something on tele, or even whilst scrolling on our phones, we start to eat without being mindful, and before we know it, we’ve had 3 bags of crisps and 10 biscuits.

Load your plate with vegetables. Even if you overeat on these, they provide very little calories, so pile them on your plate and get your nutrients in!

Try and eat protein with every meal. Protein intake is important during fat loss so if you can make sure that you can eat around 20 – 30 g with every meal, that will help to hit your overall protein intake for the day.

And finally, try and plan your meals in advance. Plan your shopping list, plan your meals, and only buy what you are going to use. If you go and buy that big bar of chocolate, chances are you’re going to eat it. Don’t deprive yourself of what you enjoy but keep it in moderation and plan ahead. If you don’t plan your Friday night meal, you’re probably going to end up down the Chinese picking up a takeaway again.


By Realfit Coach Scott