I don’t know if you can relate to this but my whole way of working has changed since Covid kicked in.

I don’t live far from where I work and had a routine of going to the office, working, popping home for the animals at lunch and then back to the office.

Then suddenly it all changed and I was working from home, finding a new routine and a new way of running the businesses.

Working from home had its advantages, I found I got more done on some days but on others I really struggled to find a routine. There were even days when I felt incredibly lonely.

Research has shown people who worked at home during the initial pandemic were working the equivalent of four extra days per week. They also found those who lived alone and worked from home were working longer hours and becoming more isolated as they didn’t have the cut off periods like travelling, lunch break and end of day.

We know physical exercise and mental health are connected and throughout summer we were able to get out for walks during the early morning and evening. As the government encourages us to continue to work from home for a minimum of 6 months how can we make sure we look after ourselves as the days get colder and the nights draw in?

Here are some tips as we go head into winter:

  • Have a routine – start and stop work at specific times.
  • Eat properly – don’t skip meals, so no missing lunch because you are engrossed in your emails.
  • Eat well – avoid sugary snacks throughout the day or boredom eating.
  • Get enough sleep – there are more studies around sleep and the benefits of getting at least 7 hours a night.
  • Meet people – even if it’s walking to the shops or grabbing a coffee somewhere locally. We are human beings and designed to be with other people and have interaction.
  • Get out during the daylight hours for a walk or a break especially as the days get shorter – schedule this into your diary and keep it free.
  • Stand up and move about at regular intervals
  • Exercise

We have a variety of sessions either at the gym or on zoom to help get you moving and staying fit – give us a call/text on 07864 364037 or email us at info@realfitcentre.co.uk