By Lucio Adger

A myth that floats around the gym, more so on the female side, regarding weight lifting heavy is the fear that you will gain the appearance of a “bulky” physique. Though it is true, lifting heavy can promote muscle growth (hypertrophy), the statement that you’ll become bulky in appearance is a “myth” for a reason.

Heavy weight training has a wealth of health benefits that can help burn fat, tone and shape up the physique which is what we all ultimately desire. Here is a list of 6 health benefits that heavy weight lifting can achieve:

  • Stronger muscles, tendons and ligaments leading to a greater range of motion and more stable joints.
  • Increased muscle growth (more in men due to testosterone levels) and greater muscle density.
  • Decrease in body fat due to the burn of calories and the promotion of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) naturally.
  • Increase of bone density.
  • The release of endorphins leading to a happier/healthier state of mind and better mental health.
  • Improved physical coordination.

A great way to experience these benefits for yourself, and to show that you won’t gain a “bulky physique” is to try out our Womens Lift and Strength Classes. As well as gaining the health benefits stated above, you will also be a part of an amazing and supportive community that will have you inspired to break through your personal barriers. For more information regarding our Women’s lift, Strength, or any of our range of classes, call us on our mobile 07864364037 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you soon.