Did you know we have now got a brand new booking system, at the Centre?

It allows you to choose what membership suits you. Realfit are offering two membership options:

Realfit Membership (unlimited classes) £75

Pay As You Go £8 per class


We have a variety of classes which offer you lots of diversity:  



Boxing is a group based session, which includes circuit style workouts, for high impact, calorie burning and a mixture of pad work.


Circuits allows you to get a full body workout, from a multitude of different exercises to become stronger, build muscle and burn calories – this class is Covid safe as the coaches set up your very own mini circuit.

H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training)

H.I.I.T is a perfect way to challenge yourself, get that heart rate pumping and burn calories. HIIT has you working hard for 2 to 5 minutes with shorter rest periods. The exercises will be from body weight, to kettlebell to dumbbells changing the tempo and explosivity.


Realfit’s KickBoxing workout has you learning the fundamentals of bag work, pad work and training styles of kickboxing whilst mixing in circuit based training to get those calories burnt. We will also help you become stronger and faster, whilst adding in exercises to build and strengthen your core to become fighting fit!

Senior Movement Class

Our Senior movement classes offer you the chance to join fun and energetic classes, with people your own age and ability, which will help you condition your body and strengthen it. The Realfit coaches will guide you through a low impact session that will improve flexibility, strength and metabolism, but will also give you diversity as we have three different coaches who write and run the classes.

Realfit Classes

Realfit Classes are just the thing for a great full body workout!  These amazing group sessions are for any ability and are led by our top coaches with high levels of experience. The classes are a 45 – 50 minute long workout that will work out your whole body whilst focusing on the key movements – push, pull, hinge and legs. Each week a different coach designs the sessions so you will get maximum diversity.

Realfit X

Realfit X allows you to experience higher intensity workouts with a Realfit twist. It is made up of short intense circuits in order to build strength, power, muscle and endurance. The circuits are all completely different so you will always be challenging yourself.

Strength Club
Strength Club offers you the chance to build stronger foundations, push the boundaries further and consistently see progression in strength, lifting technique and aesthetic. We will focus on four main compound lifts, squat, bench press, deadlift and overhead press, so that you can achieve your desired goal. These lifts will be accompanied with accessory work to help strengthen and tone your body.

Women’s Lift
Women’s Lift is for females who want to work on core lift movements, gain strength and be part of a helpful, supporting community.  You will be working on four compound movements the barbell squat, barbell overhead press, deadlift and barbell chest press which will be accompanied with accessory work in a circuit fashion to help build and condition the body.

So if you want to join our fantastic, welcoming and non-judgemental family then download the app Glofox and sign up. You can then start booking on to all of our classes.

Book your classes here: https://www.realfitcentre.co.uk/real-services/