Walk To Work Day – 1st April

In this article we are going to discuss Walking to Work Day and what it can mean to you.  I know what you’re thinking, walking is about as exciting as watching paint dry whilst listening to a lecture on the science of drying paint, but wait… there is actually a beautiful and life changing aspect to taking a daily stroll that can help benefit not only you, but the world itself!

So what are the benefits:

Get healthier – Adding in a daily 30 minute walk will allow you to get in more physical activity each week.  For health and longevity, you should be looking at 5 hours of training a week.  Your walking will make 3 hours, so you then only need to find 2 hours to tick that box of and look and feel your best.

Get smarter – Having that time can be used to find yourself and be all mindful and that… or you could use that time to learn or be entertained with podcasts or audiobooks.  There are literally endless limits to what you can listen too so go get your earphones and start searching.

Save the environment/your pocket – If you walk you use less fuel, if you use less fuel, you spend less and have a world to show your grandkids one day.

OK Kev, now you’ve convinced me to get the Nike’s out of the cupboard what do I need to do to maximise this.

Get 30+ minutes in daily – The goal is to build to 30 minutes a day so if you can get that in great but don’t let that be your ceiling. Consistency is key – if you know you can do 30 minutes easily everyday that’s better than doing 100 minutes Monday and 0 minutes for the next 10 years.

Take different routes (enjoy nature) – Keep it fresh and allow yourself to go off the beaten track. The world is your oyster, don’t make it mundane or samey, go find new routes and explore.

Hydrate – Take a bottle with you to ensure you stay hydrated for longer more intense walks.  If you know it will be more intense then even a little snack to keep your energy up can help – just ensure you don’t drink too much as there isn’t always a lavatory near by!!

“But Kev I work 30 miles away from home, I can’t walk to work!” Chill my friend, I’ve got you covered:

Walk your lunch break – Hopefully your allowed breaks through the day.  Simply go for a walk in your lunch break, then have your sandwich as a reward for some steps done.

Go for a walk before or after work – Or if possible, walk in the morning/evening.  This is a great option as we head to spring and summer months, get out and enjoy that spring rain.

Keep coming up with excuses.  When we are confronted with change, we can go down one of two paths: Comfort or Discomfort.  The thing is very little changes can happen without a level of discomfort.

Of course, it’s completely up to you, but starting with a walk into work can be a game changer for many.  Start today and keep going tomorrow, you never know this time next year you could be a more awesome version of you.

Now go get the day!