What does Unity mean to Realfit?

The theme for National Fitness Day is Unity. I believe that Realfit is the true definition of unity as it is solely ran for the clients and their needs – each class can be adapted to every individual and this creates a great sense of community, as everyone is included. Realfit, over the past 7 years, have created an amazing group of people through selecting the best in the business coaches drawing in the best in the community clients and creating a real social aspect – whether that is being greeted by Leo, the puppy, or the friendly faces of the team in the office and the gym. I therefore asked all at Realfit what they believe Unity is for them in fitness and within our centre – here are their great responses:

Coach Andy: “Everybody who comes to Realfit is unified by one simple goal – to better themselves from what they are today. We don’t have boundaries between those who, for example want to be stronger and those who just want to move better without aches and pains.”

Coach Gemma: “Unity to me means being apart of the Realfit family. Everyone working together to provide the best possible care for our clients. Seeing the clients helping and pushing each other in sessions meaning they feel empowered and strong enough to help others whilst being supported by us. We are all a team, working together to achieve our goals.”

Coach Jacob: “Unity is very important in fitness because it helps to bring everyone together and motivate each-other, which in turn helps you to achieve your goals and push yourself further. The unity at Realfit is so strong, we are all one family and everyone works together so well, coaches and clients.”

Coach Kev: “You’re not special and without your pack you’re wolf meat.  Don’t leave people behind – drag them up with you, don’t bring people down – let them inspire you to be more.  At Realfit we work together for the ultimate goal of ensuring we are a place of awesomeness for our community old and new.  Now go get the day!”

Coach Lucio: “Unity is where everyone around heads towards the same objective hearts and minds alike.”

Coach Scott: “Unity to me is all about working together and helping one another along their individual journeys and supporting everyone that comes into Realfit towards their goals (whether they are a complete newbie, or have been training for years).”

I hope this gives you a greater sense of what Realfit is as a business from all of the team here and how we really truly define, the National Fitness Day theme of, unity as a fitness centre.

We look forward to the possibility of you coming and giving it a go.