So, what does this statement mean exactly? “to be uncomfortable is to be content”. Most people would disagree, when they hear the word content or to be happy, images of being on a beach somewhere, palm trees and a nice cocktail relaxing (or something of a similar nature) in hand sounds comfortable. But the state of happiness and being content is always a fleeting thing.

The Nature of Happiness and Being Content

When we have a goal, or when we strive for the next want in our life, our focus and attention is on adapting ourselves and pushing forward until the very thing is obtained in our life. Throughout this process our imagination, our emotional state and even the way we communicate around the goal is sustained in the idea that once we have it, ever lasting happiness and being content will ensue as it will enrich our lives beyond what we have in the present moment.

We then, through effort and determination gain the very thing we have been wanting and working towards. And in that moment, we are excited, we are happy, proud and ultimately, we are content. But as time progresses in that state, things slowly turn to a base line of normality, and for one reason or another, we are no longer in that state of excitement, happiness and being content. We run the risk of life turning stale and unless we focus on another goal and the next step forward for us in our life.

The process of imagination, effort and potential struggle is now on the horizon once again to chase the moment of happiness that comes from reaching our goals. The ratio of time and effort put toward the goal, to the state of obtaining the goal is far greater than the actual thing we want. Therefore, we spend more time being uncomfortable, but the feelings that arise in this state is far from being content right?

The Nature of Being Uncomfortable

Feelings of anxiety, self-doubt and struggle comes through being in this state. The striving and want for better things become prevalent and we as humans have the uncertain choice. Option 1, we give up and from this, disappointment and self-loathing ensue. Or option 2, we gain traction toward the want, stretch, grow and evolve our resolve mentally and physically.

When we take the latter option, small wins and steps are made that make us more than what we were when starting the journey toward having the goal we want in our lives. We learn to conquer and almost bully the voice in our heads saying, “I give up” or “I can’t go on”, improving our resilience and eventually improving our confidence and self-respect.

We can look back on our struggles and what we have come through to get to this point and be proud of how far the journey has come. This is where the saying “the journey is far greater than the destination” comes to be. By conquering our struggle is the real reward, the goal we aim for is the biproduct that makes life that much sweeter. The growth and inner workings we have had to go through is where true happiness and being content lies.

What is the relation to Realfit and Training?

When you come in through those front doors, preparing yourself to go through a class or having a personal training session, you are to endure an uncomfortable experience. Its going to be both physically and mentally challenging when the trainer is telling you what you are about to endure. This is where the passages above can really help.

Whoever you are and whatever your background is, you all have a goal. No matter what it means to anyone else, its what you want in your life to enrich you further. By taking on what the trainer says by pushing you though more reps, by making you push through a more uncomfortable weight etc. You are stretching and growing yourself towards that goal.

You finish that session with a small win, a step closer to what and where you want to be. You stood up against the voice that is saying “I can’t” or “I don’t want to” showing, through physical means, you can do it, and in turn you further your own self-respect and self-confidence.

You may surpass your original goal and push further than you ever thought would be possible if you understand what the real reward can be from being uncomfortable. If you come in with the idea that “I just want this over” and just go through the motions, you wont gain as much another who is willing to push those boundaries. The more uncomfortable you are, the more opportunity you have to evolve and grow and the greater your reward will be.

If you take fully what is being said here, any goal you have in your life, you can adopt a mind set such as this. Look at the opportunities being uncomfortable presents through constant growth and happiness and contentment will follow.

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