We have a couple of timetable changes at Realfit St Neots with effect from 29th April 2019: 

 1.  Realfit Circuits 

We are taking off our Womens Lift on a Thursday evening at 8pm (don’t worry we still have one on a Monday night at 8.00pm) and replacing it with Realfit Circuits, on the same night but at 7.00pm with Coach Jacob Taylor, with effect from 2nd May 2019.

You have all heard of circuits but at Realfit we like to do things a little different and there will be a strong Realfit theme of training within the circuits.  

The Realfit Circuits will be on our timetable from Thursday and anyone on a membership can include this in their weekly workouts under their tariffs.  

If you are a member please feel free to book via the app and if you are a non-member then please contact us to have a chat about our tariffs, etc. 

2.  Senior Movement Class   

As our Senior Movement class  at Realfit St Neots, taken by our lovely coach, Gemma, has been so popular on Wednesdays we can now add a second class which will be on Monday we will have a class at 1.15pm with the usual one on Wednesday at 11.45am.  These classes are on a PAYG basis and are £5 per class.  This second class will be from Monday 29th April 2019. 

St Neots 
Mondays 1.15pm
Wednesdays 11.45am

Mondays 11.45am 
Wednesdays 11.45am

Please call 01480 219272 / 07864 364037 to discuss either of the above. Thank you.