4 Reasons Why You Should Practice Yoga

1. It improves your balance, the stability of your joints and your flexibility.

Yoga contains slow movements and stationary postures which can help improve the control of how you move your body. Some of these postures teach balance and some flexibility.

2. Yoga can help with lower back pain.

As yoga concentrates on flexibility, slow controlled movements and deep breathing it is a great method for engaging your deep core muscles which support your back.

3. Yoga benefits heart health.

The deep slow breathing, the controlled movements and the gentle stretching used can bring the body and mind into a more relaxed state (called a sympathetic state), which is vital for decreasing heart rate, lowering blood pressure and allowing the body to rest and recover.

4. Yoga can help you to sleep better.

Again like point 3, practicing Yoga switches your nervous system to a less stimulated state to the state of rest and recovery. It can be an incredible unwind after a long day or week.


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