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27 07, 2021

Free Week Trial Throughout August

By |2021-07-27T12:12:32+00:00July 27th, 2021|Online-Hub, RealFit News|0 Comments

WIN 3 Months Unlimited Classes Free   Want to know more about what Realfit has to offer? Have you seen posts and videos about the Realfit Centre and ever wondered if this could be the “Real Fit” for you? Be one the first 50 people to apply for a FREE 7-day trial AND sign [...]

20 07, 2021

Family Fun Fitness Classes

By |2021-07-28T08:42:35+00:00July 20th, 2021|Online-Hub, RealFit News|0 Comments

Realfit’s 4 Week Summer Family Fitness Classes  Summer holidays are here again and we, here at Realfit, are providing families with a summer fun fitness package for all the family to enjoy - children must be 7 or above. Our personal trainer led classes will be designed to get the whole family fit and in [...]

10 07, 2021

Why Am I not Losing Weight?

By |2021-06-24T11:07:59+00:00July 10th, 2021|Online-Hub, RealFit News|0 Comments

This could be the greatest mystery/question stated and asked by people who actively train and are gym goers, the eighth wonder of the world. “I put all this work in, and I still look fat,” such comments of this nature fly around the fitness world and is clearly a frustration for clients from all [...]

3 07, 2021

Top Tips For Building Muscle By Jacob Taylor

By |2021-06-16T13:42:07+00:00July 3rd, 2021|RealFit News|1 Comment

There are a number of reasons why people struggle to build muscle when they start out at the gym. Putting on size can be very difficult for some people and there are lots of things, which are very simple, that need to be done in order to reach the goals. I have come up [...]

2 07, 2021

Our 7 birthday raffle

By |2021-06-30T08:51:27+00:00July 2nd, 2021|Online-Hub, RealFit News|0 Comments

Happy Birthday Realfit Centre St Neots!! In order to celebrate our 7th birthday, we are hosting a raffle in collaboration with the wonderful, local Shining Stars Children’s Charity. We have chosen this charity because they have many similarities to the Centre – they have managed to create an amazing community within the year and [...]

19 06, 2021

Exercise V Long Covid

By |2021-06-16T14:09:17+00:00June 19th, 2021|RealFit News|0 Comments

The effects of “Long COVID” and how exercise can potentially help By Lucio Adger What is “Long COVID?” According to, ‘Long COVID’ can cause symptoms that last weeks or months after the infection has gone. To recover fully can vary from person to person but most recover within 12 weeks. There also is no correlation [...]

15 12, 2020

Read all about Realfit Coach Andy Chappell-Lewis who is running Realfit Origin

By |2020-12-15T16:15:41+00:00December 15th, 2020|Online-Hub, RealFit News|0 Comments

Learn a little more about Coach Andy ....... Andy has worked full-time in the fitness industry since 2004 and has a passion for helping everyone move better, become stronger and reach their full physical potential no matter what their starting point. He has helped many clients to move free of pain and injury, and [...]

15 12, 2020

Read all about Georgie Mcgayey who is running Realfit Wellbeing

By |2020-12-15T14:22:42+00:00December 15th, 2020|Online-Hub, RealFit News|0 Comments

Learn a little more about Gerogie ....... Working within the health and wellbeing industry has very much been a second career for me. I worked in film and television for over a decade as a camera operator and then - after having my three children - I worked for an organisation that helped individuals [...]

11 12, 2020

Read all about Realfit Coach Jacob Taylor who is running Realfit Hype

By |2020-12-10T22:25:40+00:00December 11th, 2020|Online-Hub, RealFit News|0 Comments

Learn a little more about Coach Jacob ....... I’m Jacob and I am one of the Personal Trainers at Realfit! I have been a part of the Realfit team for over 4 years now. I started working at Realfit after finishing school at 18, I began as an apprentice, working alongside the other coaches [...]

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