Sometimes when we look at the goals and achievements we wish to pursue in our lives, It can seem like a mammoth task that will never be reached. And sometimes, in our minds’’ eyes, when we imagine the task we want to achieve and it feels this way, we’d rather hide away and not try. But it’s a job that never starts that takes the longest to finish. This article, as the title suggests, is all about creating small changes to make big gains, and I am going to give you a few pointers on how to tackle those bigger goals to allow you to have a better success rate at achieving them.

Time is your friend not your enemy!

We, especially in the fitness industry, put such a hold on ourselves when using numbers and timelines. “If I havent got to this number I am not good enough” or “If I don’t reach this goal by a certain time, I am a failure.” Does this sound familiar? 

In truth it really doesn’t matter if you achieve the goal within the constraint you have given yourself or not. What truly matters is what you have learned and how you have bettered yourself in that time. If you are able to look back at that time and have gained results, some nuggets of wisdom, or even a better understanding of how to progress the journey toward a better experience, then that’s a win. You have learnt small changes that will enhance your foundations that will allow you to grow, making the overall goal a smaller challenge to achieve.

Start at the bottom and work your way to the top!

Sounds obvious right? When you embark on climbing a mountain like Kilomanjaro, you start from the bottom. You would be surprised at how many times you hear it as a personal trainer “I have only just started to do this new thing, so why am I not a professional already?!”. Humble yourself when embarking on a big goal, to understand something new you have to learn to stand underneath it to grasp the foundations before getting to the top of that mountain. There will be so many lessons and ideas to grasp when chasing for big gains in the form of small changes, and if you close your mind off to those, you will end up stuck in a rut and ultimately frustrated.

Be kind to yourself and acknowledge the small wins

Most of the time we get so focused at not being where we wish to be that we end up attacking ourselves, becoming miserable, and ultimately, we give up not really giving ourselves the chance in the first place.

For anyone, professional athlete or not, things take time, dedication and focus. This is a fact and we should get used to that idea. But the human mind doesn’t like that idea very much at times, so when we attack ourselves, it’s our mind trying to get out of it.

 So with that said be sure to acknowledge the small wins, pat yourself on the back once in a while, pay attention to what really is happening, because through those frustrations are small changes that equip you and allow you to achieve the big gains you are after.

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