Want to build confidence, fitness levels and learn to defend yourself in a real situation?

This 4-week taster is designed to introduce you to personal safety strategies, self-defence techniques and a fitness programme designed to help condition the body.  The course is available to all ages and fitness levels.  All within a safe, social environment, at our centre in St Neots.

Week 1 – Basic Hits, Strikes, kicks and Break Falls
Week 2 – Strikes, Kicks, Break Falls, Locks and Grabs
Week 3 – Locks, Grabs, Strikes, Break Falls and Kicks
Week 4 –   Break Falls, Locks and Strikes and Knife defence – plus overview of what you have learnt.

Running for 4 weeks from 26th June every Saturday 11.00am – 12.30pm
ONLY £100 per person with LIMITED PLACES


Richard Ludlow, who will be running the class with the help of Lucio Adger, started his Martial Arts journey in 1985.  He studied Wado Ryu for 5 years, reaching the grade of 2nd Dan.  He also studied Shotokan, Kyokushin and Isshin Ryu and found a strong connection with the Renshinkai style of Karate, which he continued to study for 15 years.

Also studying varying different Martial Arts, from Wing Chun to Jiu Jitsu, Richard found Aikido which he has studied for the last 15 years.

Richard is looking forward to using his knowledge within the Realfit Defence Course, which will be a blend of everything he has learned over  35 years of training, helping you to learn the essential parts of Self Defence.

This taster course can then lead onto a 12 week course that will be starting in September.