We see a lot of people that have the same common issues which frustrate’s and demotivates them. 

These issues are not knowing how to effectively get in shape and how to keep stress at bay. Realfit founder Pete Drinkwater believes you need to create an environment which means you can keep in shape and keep your stress down. 

We have collected 4 speakers who specialise in different areas of this process who will not just explain but SHOW you how to make it happen. 

Pete Drinkwater – Creating your Results Environment 
Who is Pete?

  • 13 years experience in the fitness industry
  • Designed Realfit to offer a better and more forward thinking approach to peoples health and wellbeing 
  • Have lived and experienced each aspect of the seminar
  • Created The Results Environment as a accumulation of 5 years of experimentation with what really makes a difference to peoples lives.  
  • Completed 1000’s of hours of 1:1 personal training 

Andy Chappell-Lewis – Stress reduction, management and innoculation for the real world
Who is Andy? 

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
  • Has worked in the Health & Fitness industry since 2002 and as a Personal Trainer for 8 Years
  • 25 Years experience in Martial Arts from the traditional, the holistic & esoteric, the modern sports to the real life combatives
  • Has a passionate interest in psychology, mental health and meditation techniques to guide people to being happy and healthy.

Kevin Jeffrey – How to build on your motivation in diet, training and life
Who is Kevin? 

  • Over 15 years experience in training and nutrition for fitness
  • Qualified in: ○ Personal training ○ Group training ○ Crossfit ○ Boxing
  • Devoted Husband and Father to 2 awesome (most of the time) children
  • Has created his own fitness business – U-Peak Performance Personal Training and has spent the last 15 years learning to help create better training and nutritional practices for all his athletes. From young to old, male or female and experienced to beginners

Nicky Perfect – How to understand and change destructive behaviour and communicate your goals to friends.
Who is Nicky?

  • Hostage & Crisis Negotiator – 2008
  • Lead Trainer for the UK in Hostage & Crisis Negotiation
  • EMCC Qualified Career Coach
  • Personal Development Coach
  • Advanced Diploma in Psychology & Nutrition
  • Co owner of Perfect Property Solutions
  • Bodybuilding Contestant
  • Parent to Meg, aged ten, 28 chickens, 3 dogs and a cat J

As you can see we have a diverse range of speakers who have the knowledge and experience to deliver a great seminar.  The day will be interactive, interesting and useful for you long after the seminar.   

After this event we want you to feel confident you can now go and create your own environment to lose body fat and reduce your stress to take hold of your life and not let anything hold you back. There will be a chance to ask questions during and after the seminar.  

Lunch will be provided as well as refreshments but feel free to bring anything with you.

Saturday 25th November 2017 from 11am  – 4pm at Peppercorns (next to Realfit) with lunch served at Realfit.  Please arrive by 10.45am.  

Ticket Prices are £17 per person 

To purchase your tickets please click here or telephone 01480 219272.