Realfit Yoga Course Starting Wednesday 6th October 7.00PM

Realfit Centre is starting a brand new course, Yoga, which is a spiritual system connecting the mind, body and spirit. It commences on 6th October and finishes 10th November with a price of £80 – classes run every Wednesday at 7.00pm. Yoga can also be used as a supplement to other training methods and can enrich your everyday life.

Want to know a little bit more about Yoga and our course? 

Yoga is an Eastern Philosophy and is considered to be over 5000 years old, although the original form has changed considerably over this time.  

Over the years, the fitness industry has moved towards mobility and flexibility training, mindfulness and breathing exercises which has improved the lives of many people. And these improvements don’t end at the gym door; the best results are those that cross over into your everyday life. 

Our course is aimed as a complimentary weekly exercise programme for those people already exercising and needing greater suppleness, flexibility and relaxation. The Yoga will be a Hatha based course suitable from the complete beginner to the intermediate client.

Through the postures that will be covered in the 8 week course, you will get a greater understanding of how the body, the breath and mind unify or work together, so it could be considered a practice of meditation (but not a stationary one). 

Does this sound like something you would like to try?

The course will begin on 6th October and, will run for 8 weeks, finishing on 10th November. The price of the course is £80 for 8 classes of Yoga.

To sign up to the 8 week course please use the link below:

We look forward to seeing you there, 

Coach Andy and the Realfit Team.