Realfit Resolve by Lucio Adger

Learn a little more about Coach Lucio…….

My name is Lucio Adger. Though I have a huge passion for fitness, health, and well-being, I also have a great passion for music and  have been playing guitar for 20 years. I also have a fondness of  martial arts, having my main experience in Muay Thai/Kickboxing and Boxing. I have trained in other fields, but I prefer these styles as I find them most applicable.

We all have our preferred style of training and I prefer hypertrophy which is in a monthly periodised format to help develop and strengthen muscles with minimal risk to injury. I also find that I enjoy functional training that helps aid Boxing, Muay Thai and Kickboxing.

My Qualifications

  • Gym level 2
  • Personal Training level 3
  • YMCA Kettlebell Instructing
  • YMCA Boxing/Kickboxing Pad Work Instructing
  • Diet and Nutrition in Competition level 5
  • Counselling Qualification
  • Life Coaching

Lucio will be running the new Realfit Resolve Programme in 2021 – read more about it here

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