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Working within the health and wellbeing industry has very much been a second career for me. I worked in film and television for over a decade as a camera operator and then – after having my three children – I worked for an organisation that helped individuals pursue their career in the film industry. Helping others achieve their goals has been an increasingly rewarding experience and is the driving force behind my career choices. 

My own journey into fitness was the catalyst that led me to undertake a degree in Osteopathy. I had never really exercised, though I’ve had many gym memberships and good intentions that I wasted over the years. This time around, training at RealFit, I began to see some amazing changes to my body. I became fitter, stronger and leaner than I had ever been. I began experimenting with my nutrition and became fascinated with body mechanics. After exploring many options for another career, Osteopathy soon topped my list. Having been a camera operator, I was no stranger to back pain and constant niggles that affected me daily. When this flared up would always seek out an osteopath to put me back together again. I was always so impressed with their knowledge and skill, so I enrolled at the London School of Osteopathy and that set me on my current path.

To complement my ongoing education, I become a qualified soft tissue therapist with a passion for women’s health in particular. I have also branched out into Thai massage to complement soft tissue work and Health and Wellness Coaching to enrich my practice.   

A while back I was looking into research on the menopause and how manual therapy could help relieve symptoms. As my interest grew, I enrolled on a course that expanded my knowledge and appreciation for this seminal event in women’s lives; being in my early 40’s there’s an element of self-interest too. I began to apply this to my soft tissue work, working with women whose bodies are going through changes they sometimes can’t quite piece together. All of which leads me to RealFit Wellbeing. If you are 45 and beyond I want to share this knowledge with you so we can make sustained effective change’s for your health and wellbeing. 

Georgie will be running the new Realfit Wellbeing Programme in 2021 – read more about it here…..

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