RAMP Your Way to Awesome 


Want to train more frequently but lack the time? 

Want less fat, build muscle and to move better? 

Want to incorporate a warm up that doesn’t make you want to throw up? 


Want to become so hot that that Calvin Klein personally invites you to model their entire underwear catalogue for eternity! 


Of course you do! And I can make sure that you get all these things 100% guaranteed… well at least 3 of them (you’ll have to keep your best pair of tiny whites in the cupboard for a few more years at least) 


How can I make such ridiculous claims? Because I understand the magic of Training frequency 


More specifically I have created a training system that allows us to train as frequently as we can without negatively affecting our performance. And what’s even better, it won’t take you 2 hours a day to complete it either 


I introduce to you – The RAMP session 


RAMP sessions can and should be used for: 


  1. A sound and proper warm up before you train 
  1. A Extra session to fit in around your regular training to help improve mobility, drop body fat and/or build more muscle. 
  1. A workout on its own right for when time is tight 


Here at Efficient Fitness Systems we pride ourselves on creating super time saving training and nutrition protocols to use in your day to day life, and RAMP sessions are at the core of everything we believe.     

But before we get into the nitty gritty we need an origin story! 


Where it all began 


*In my best deep angry voice* 


In a city that’s overflowing with crime and stuff there was a man who didn’t fit in but had amazing powers… actually I’m not sure he didn’t fit in or if he had amazing powers but he did create something pretty awesome. 


Dr. Ian Jeffreys created the RAMP protocol as a simple warm up tool for athletes.  Its name is from the 4 key aspects of any good warm up, we want to: 


Raise the core body temperature  

Activate key muscle groups 

Mobilise key joints 

Potentiate the nervous system  


If all of the above is achieved, you should have a kick arse warm up right there… but like a teenage boy and his genitalia I couldn’t help but play with it. 


You see I thought as well as being the best way to set up your warm ups it’s actually a great way to train in general.  All we had to do was change our mind-set and experiment. 



So how does it all work? 


To help show you the power of RAMP here is an example of a warm up variation and a stand-alone workout RAMP style.


Warm up version


Foam Roll – Upper back


Foam Roll – Quads

30sec each side


Hip Mobility – Couch Stretch

30sec each side

T-Spine Mobility – T Spine rotation – Quadruped

10 each side

Hybrid Mobility – Scorpions

10 each side


3-5 Rounds

Quad Activation – RNT Reverse Lunges

10 each side


Back Activation – Face Pulls – Suspension Trainer

10 each side


Hybrid Activation – Pallof press

  10 each side



Workout version – Core & Conditioning session


Foam Roll – Lats

30sec each side

Foam Roll – Glutes

30sec each side


Hip Mobility – Glute Stretch Floor

30sec each side

Hybrid Mobility – Strider to rotation

10 each side

Hybrid Mobility – Unilateral Leg Rock with Thoracic Rotation

10 each side


3 Rounds

Every 5 minutes Perform:

Side Plank Banded Rows

10 each side

Full Sit up

10 Reps

Banded Good Morning

10 Reps


Remaining Time:


RPE 7 – Conversation pace


Frequency is King 


So now you have a powerful tool on your hands in the war of fitness. And as you learn more about it you can use it to enhance any goal you choose:


  • If you want a better warm up you got it! 
  • If you want to build mountains of muscle, or move like a supple leopard we have you covered! 
  • If you want to get so lean that you can become an IG model and sell useless programs and supplements online, well that’s all you had to say! 


When it comes to improving your body whilst not overtraining yourself, RAMP sessions will allow you to get the frequency required but keep you fresh enough to perform at your max in life, love and . 


Now go get the day!!!