The Definition of Procrastination = ‘The act of delaying or postponing something’.

Sound familiar to you?…

It is quite funny because as I am writing this email about procrastination, I’ve spent the past half an hour:

  • Making myself a Coffee.
  • Flicking through Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
  • Opening the fridge door hoping something nice pops up.

People procrastinate a hell of a LOT over fitness:

“I’ll train tomorrow…”

“I’ll start my diet Monday…”

“There’s no point being healthy today, I’ve already had a KitKat this morning…”

Over our second lockdown, it is going to be much more tempting to give into procrastination. So why not utilise our online services here at Realfit? Whether it be our

  • Online personal training,
  • Mind Body Live sessions or our checking out
  • Workouts on our Facebook members hub

This will guarantee help with focus, motivation, and structuring your everyday routine, keeping procrastination at bay. So, next time you feel yourself procrastinating about something, just make a start, no matter how small that may be.

You will not regret it!

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