Yay you’re going to be a mummy!! 

Staying active throughout your pregnancy is so important. Whether it’s getting out and going for a walk or continuing with your workout routine, Keeping your body moving will not only keep you healthy it will help prepare your body for labour. Childbirth is often compared to running a marathon and you would never dream of taking on one of those without preparing your body for it first so thats why we need to do everything to make sure our bodies are in the best shape possible for the amazing miracle it is about to perform plus it will help you recover quicker afterwards.

Over the coming months I will share with you different workouts for all stages of your pregnancy and for all different levels of fitness. If you didn’t really do much exercise before you fell pregnant then please only do the gentle workouts and only if your doctor says it’s safe to do so. 

If you have exercised a lot beforehand then as long as you’re feeling good then go for the more advanced routines. 

If at any point you feel unwell, faint or sick then you must stop immediately. Please drink plenty of water throughout too.

So here we go- 

Session 1 is a low impact session ideal for beginners and 1st trimester workouts. Click the button below to start your workout. 

Follow along with the video and pause after each round so you can complete them 2/3 times each. Only do what you feel comfortable and make sure you drink plenty of water and rest regularly.

Remember if you feel at all unwell, dizzy or sick you must stop immediately.

Get that music pumping and enjoy!! 

Let me know how you get on

Coach Gemma xx 

Pre-Natal Low impact Workout