Yay you’re a new mummy!

Having a baby certainly changes your body. Not just the physical side but mentally as well and I want to show you how exercise can help with both of these. Your body has gone through the miracle of childbirth, growing and nurturing your new little bundle. We really are incredible aren’t we and it does take time to heal but knowing how to do it safely will give you that piece of mind that you are doing what’s best for you. 

It won’t happen overnight but it’s definitely possible with the right guidance.

As a new mum myself I know how difficult it is to find time to exercise in between all those nappy changes and feeding and then when you finally get a minute to yourself, you have a list of jobs to do or you just want to actually sit and relax. 

I totally get it and that is why I want to show you some short effect routines you can do when you finally feel up to it. 

Each month I shall give you different exercises, hints and tips, nutritional advice and much more to help you get your body back, to feel strong and empowered.

So Let’s get going!!

Firstly you must be signed off by the doctor to say it is safe to exercise, trying to do things too early can potentially cause lots of problems. 

Make sure you are wearing something comfortable and have space to move around without tripping over the play mat.

As this is your first session back into exercise it needs to be short, gentle on the joints (and pelvic floor) and concentrate on mobility. 

I felt really vulnerable the first few sessions back, not sure what my body was capable of anymore so I just needed something to ease me back in. 

Here are 5 moves I want you to try. Make sure you’ve warmed up beforehand.

  1. Squat and reach
  2. Glute bridges
  3. Kneeling Leg raises 
  4. Arm circles 
  5. Leg slides 

Watch the videos on how to perform each move and do each one for 30 secs. Have a rest after you have completed the 5 then do the whole thing 2/3 more times depending on how you feel. 

Squat & Reach
Arm Circles
Glute Bridges
Alternate Leg Slides
Kneeling Leg Lift

Let me know how you get on, remember not to overdo it- you need to be able to move tomorrow ha ha! 

Enjoy!! You’re doing amazingly well my wonderful mummies

Realfit Glow Coach Gemma xx