At Realfit we not only want to get you fitter, stronger, healthier and more mobile; we want to get you training in a great atmosphere where you can honestly say to your friends and family that you are enjoying your exercise sessions and not simply doing them because you think that is the right thing to do.   It’s all about positive vibes!!   

To do this we need lots of things to be in place:

  1. You want to change
  2. We need to be able to give you the experience you are looking for
  3. To have fantastic staff who are knowledgeable but will also ask other coaches if they do not have the answer at their fingertips.
  4. For you to be able to trust us with the plans we design and the advice we give
  5. Turn up and be accountable – we can’t train and help you if you are not here!
  6. Whatever level of fitness you are, you can improve and succeed

As you can see it is simply not about you wanting to get fit, you can do that by running up and down a hill, but that would be boring and you would lose interest.  What we provide is an all-inclusive training facility where like minded people train together within an instructor led group and get the best results they can for themselves while enjoying every aspect of just what Realfit is about.

You are not a number at our centres, you are part of our team and community who meet socially, message each other when away from the centres, have a closed FB group where events can be created and  ideas can be shared, you are someone that matters to each and every member of staff here and we want you to enjoy everything we can provide you with. 

Your experience at Realfit matters to us and we, as a team, want you to succeed.  Being positive, enjoying what you do, having knowledgeable coaches around you and putting in the effort will get you the results you are looking for. 

So whether you are the next athlete for the 2020 Olympic games, someone with health related problems that wants to get fitter, a new Mum, over 60, someone who sits at a desk all day, wants some ‘me’ time away from the family, have a specific goal in mind, need to get rid of those pounds before a specific event – holiday, wedding etc, or simply are looking for something different from your normal run of the mill gym then take a look at our centres – we can help you, we want to help you and we will help you if you get in contact. 

What next?  Contact us today to arrange a meeting, chat and showaround one of our centres. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from being a part of Realfit. 

****** Don’t forget our competition – you can have all the above free of charge for all of 2020 at Realfit St Neots or Realfit Riseley check it out here.