Christmas Fitness and Nutrition Tips


Does this sound familiar?

Grandpas asleep on the couch whilst a Muppet Christmas Carol plays for the 3000th time, you’ve just eaten your 7th pudding and the ever present whiff of brussel sprout gas lingers in the air, you’ve overdone it and you know that you still need to work your way through the cheeses in 20 minutes.

Yep it’s good old Christmas time and once again people are falling over themselves to make sure they don’t allow the ghost of Christ-Mass past, present and future to come knocking on their door.

So what is a sensible and attainable plan to ensure you can still have a merry little Christmas this year? Well pull up a chair by the fire and let old Uncle Kev show you the way.


Stop thinking about restriction for the holidays

This isn’t a 2 to 4 week thing, it’s a lifetime thing.  Sure you may think that’s over the top, or cheesy corn ball rubbish, but it doesn’t make it any less true.  Whatever choices you make over the next few weeks mean little if you’re not going to actually carry on and make a real difference.

The best thing to do is not beat yourself up and have a pity party for how you feel, it’s not time to plan what you’re going to do on January 1st, you need to start making changes today and stick to them.

What I want you to do is start INCREASING things in your life, not removing them.  Once you realise the power of adding quality into your life, you will stop this never ending cycle of digging yourself into a deeper whole of depression and anxiety around your body and how it looks and feels.


So these are my Christmas / life tips to a more awesome you:


Tip #1 – Increase Awareness

As the saying goes:

“If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you’re going”.

Basically, if you don’t understand the problems and obstacles that have led you to this place, you will struggle to ever reach your goals.  Understanding your nutrition and more importantly why you derail from your diet, will 100% help you identify how best to move forward.

The first part of this is to understand why we do things.  Is it stress, depression, anxiety or a mixture of all three that drive us to our bad choices.  Then once we understand this the next phase will be the actual choices themselves and finding ways to improve the quality of those foods.

This process may take you 10 minutes to figure out or 10 years, but the point is to start.  Once you begin to realise you have the power over the choices you make then making real change can happen.


Tip #2 – Increase Your Metabolism

Your metabolism is the furnace within you that when stocked can help you transform your body and have you feeling and looking your best year-round.  To make this happen we need to increase our quality of food we ingest and the quality of movement we do on any given day.

When you remove the notion of just thinking about fat loss and calorie deficits and concentrate on increasing quality the magic really starts to kick in, and you start looking less like Harry Pot-belly and more like Harry Hotter.

There is a reason top athletes have amazing bodies and eat 3000+ calories a day and it’s not genetics – it’s the fact they do a lot of quality work and consume a lot of quality food.  Their metabolisms are burning at a rate that is super-human and so look like it.

When you spend all your time going from barely eating anything to overeating low quality foods and beverages your body has little reason to change.  If your greatest effort for the day is bending down to pick up your keys then your metabolism will reflect this and will have little reason to help you.

So stop thinking about restricting yourself and hammering your body in a high intensity class for a couple of weeks and start thinking about building a fat burning, awesome increasing metabolism that burns so hot it makes the sun look like an idiot.


Tip #3 – Increase Your Performance over time

The last part of the puzzle is to realise that you don’t need to start perfect and instead give yourself a chance to improve over the next few decades.  Most want to start by training 30 times a week and eating nothing but salads and then wonder why they can’t keep it up for longer than a couple of weeks.

As mentioned before, the art is to start making small and effective changes and build upon them.  Doing a little more activity every day and eating a little better each week is much more attainable for most and when done consistently for weeks, months and years builds real change.

You may start by simply eating 3 meals a day and taking a walk each day, this will build consistency and motivation to improve further rather than overhauling your life to make little to no change down the road.  Motivation comes after change so stop waiting for motivation and start making your changes today.

Then to improve your performance you could start adding training sessions like these: 3 Workouts almost anyone can do. Start with one or two a week then build to three.  Once these become easy you can add more intensity, difficulty and volume to make further progress.

For your nutrition, you could start supplementing to add quality nutrients like protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals to your diet and drinking more water to you hydrated.


So what are you waiting for?

You’ve been told enough that there is no secret pill, powder or gadget that will help you to your goals.  You don’t need more information, you need to start actually doing something and building yourself to the awesome I know you are.  If you need help then we are here to do so.  Its never too late, you have got it within you.

Now go get the day!