Start small to win big


As we go into another new year you’re undoubtedly going to start thinking – “This is my year to change”


And with that you make huge changes in your:

* Training

* Diet

* Socializing

* Your Bedtime Routine

* Pretty much everything


And in doing so, you end up changing nothing because in the end you’re spinning too many plates and end up frustrated, hungry and sore.  In fact, researchers have found up to 95% of people who make this type of change usually fail and revert back to their old ways within a couple of weeks, sound familiar?


Instead, look at making one small change to start 2022. Something simple that will add fitness to your life rather than force it upon you.


This could be:

* Drink 2 litres of water a day

* Eat 5 pieces of fruit a day

* Train 2 times a week, minimum, for the next month

* Substitute 1 coffee a day for a Green tea

* Ensure a minimum of 7 hours sleep during week days


Once you master one new habit (usually after 2-3 weeks) you can add another one.  Making change this way, will add up to a fitter healthier you, over the year instead of frustrated and once again not achieving your goals for 2022.


Now go get the day!