Realfit has a new Pay As You Go Service

Wanting to join a gym with all the benefits that Realfit provides without being tied into a contract? Well with our new service we can provide you just that, allowing access to our classes and training schedules for as little as £8 a class or a 10 block of sessions for only £75.00.

You will gain access to our: –

  • Realfit Sessions – Periodised Training Programme

Specially created to optimise, strengthen and improve your health and fitness. Whether you are wanting to shape and tone, improve your stamina and endurance, or smash your strength gains, this class is perfect for you.

Designed and delivered by in house personal trainers and updated weekly, this session will take you through a daily routine that covers push, pull and leg movements over 3 energy pathways which have been rotated week by week to optimise your fitness journey with Realfit. Each week a different personal trainer will write out the programmes to push, stretch and challenge you further, which in turn will decrease monotony setting in.

Having an in-house personal trainer there taking the session too, you will be guided through technique and educated on how to measure and continue progression.

  • Realfit-X

This class is for people who really want a challenge, recommended for people who have the basics covered, this class will really stretch you to your limits. You will be improving that pull-up game, working on compound movements such as deadlifts, combining kettle bell and dumbbell exercises and gritting your teeth through slam ball and prowler circuits. Designed and created by Kevin Jeffery, this work out class will really test you to your limits whilst constantly improving your game to the next level.

  • Real-Grit

Again, a class to really test your mettle is Real-Grit. A session that combines sets lasting between 5-10-minutes with only a 1-minute rest period. You will be combining disciplines such Plyo-metrics, Iso-metrics, HIIT (high, intensity, interval, training), body weight, dumbbells and kettlebells to really grind, shape and tone to not only toughen you physically, but not allow anything to break you mentally. This class is designed by Lucio Adger who will be guiding you through the process.

  • Realfit Strength Club

Realfit Strength Club helps people find their true potential in themselves with four main compound moves which include added accessory exercises to improve consistent progression. The movements covered are barbell squat, barbell deadlift, barbell overhead press and barbell bench press. Guided and taught by our personal trainer Scott Davies, he will ensure expert advice, techniques and motivation to ensure you will continue to break through barriers and constantly improve.

Offering pay-as-you-go at £8 per session.