Realfit Wellbeing Coach – Georgie McGayey

Realfit wellbeing is designed to help you take control of your health and wellbeing in your 40’s and 50’s. Utilising evidence-based research, the wellbeing challenge is packed full of information and offers the knowledge and tools to be the mistress of your menopause. So enter your third age feeling empowered, are you ready to take the 4-week challenge?

Although exercise is one of the keystones of a healthy third age, this is actually much more of an inside out job! If we were just focused on the outside then we have rather missed the point and the chance for growth. This is a great opportunity to take notice of the good and bad habits we have built into our lives and consider what works – and what needs to change. Exercise is fundamental, however, but not just for bone and muscle health. We specifically target exercise for pelvic stability as part of the challenge, alongside movements for those experienced gym-goers and those who have never put on a pair of trainers. 

So what does the 4-week wellbeing challenge/course cover?

  1. What’s happening to your body? 

If you can take away one thing it should be an understanding of what is going on with your body on a physiological level, the most important aspect – hormones! Hormones are a journey, with the most important one – oestrogen – being bone, heart and brain-protective. So what does that mean when our oestrogen levels lower? Brian fog and hot flashes are just two symptoms associated with a change in our estrogen levels – how can we lessen the symptoms? It’s not just oestrogen though, we will be looking at the role of other hormones and how their decrease/increase starts changing your body.

  1. Lifestyle changes

Do you find you don’t quite feel like yourself? Are you responding to situations in a different way than you used to? Then it’s time to take stock as the menopause shines a bright light on the habits that need changing. In this section, we ask ourselves how do we control our controllables? Full of information you can take away to help rebalance your mind and your mood.

  1. Exercise for menopause and pelvic health

Movement is medicine! If you are wondering why your normal cardio routine isn’t cutting it anymore, we offer you a few small challenges that can add up to big differences in the coming weeks. Building strong foundations for the pelvic girdle alongside improving bone and heart health, our challenge is perfect for the seasoned gym-goer and those who have never exercised before. It’s never too late to start! 

  1. Nutrition and metabolic syndrome. This is the big one, how can we avoid the dreaded ‘menobelly’ and what is going on with your metabolism after 45? With a confusing amount of info out there about diets and nutrition we look at what’s really important, eating real food that feeds the body and the soul. We look at the evidence that supports certain eating habits for a better third age and provide you with the resources to start making a change!

Why Heath and Wellness coaching?

The menopause need not be daunting if you are empowered with knowledge and actionable steps for your journey. Coaching sessions look at your past, present and future to help you implement those small changes which lead to bigger results. Your sessions are completely personalised to focus on your desired goals and outcomes.

What we cover during 1-2-1 coaching

The gut microbiome – hormone testing – functional medicine – resilience to stress – metabolic syndrome – food as medicine – sex – self-acupressure – breathing and meditation – restorative yoga – sleep – pelvic organ prolapse – strengthening the pelvic floor – improved cognition – and much more … 

About Georgie 

Georgie holds qualifications in Health & Wellness Coaching, Nutrition and 3rd Age Women’s Wellness. She is also a Soft Tissue Therapist and Thai Massage Master Practitioner currently studying osteopathy at the London School of Osteopathy, due to qualify in 2023.

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