As I write this I feel like I am at some support group and finally have to take my turn to confess my shame to the world.

“My name is Kevin and I suffer from Training Attention Deficit Disorder”

Basically since the first day I picked up a dumbbell and did my first curl to this day I struggle to categorise what I am.  This has lead me down many paths but I’ve never stayed long enough to go “all in”

I’ve done Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Crossfit, Kettlebell Sport, Boxing and every type of Circuit and Bootcamp style workout around (except Zumba as I’m not a loser) and though I loved each one I’ve always looked over at the training I wasn’t doing and felt like I’m missing out and so needed to go back. 

And that’s where this training system has been stemmed from.  I want it all and I want it now!

  • I want to feel heavy weights in my hand like a powerlifter
  • I want to breath hard and push myself like a crossfitter
  • I want to do a set of curls then take selfies of my abs like a bodybuilder… just kidding, I don’t have abs 

But more important is I wanted a training style that I could use over the next 30, 40 or 50 years that will help me move and feel my best and not look like a potato.

Realfit X has been my own personal training and that of the 100’s of athletes I have been lucky enough to train over the last 20 years in this game called fitness.  I have changed it, refined it and shaped it to what it is today – a kick arse Strength and Conditioning training programme.

It takes elements of all the sports and training philosophies I love and combines it into a 45 minute sweat fest.

Is it for everyone? Nope

To excel at this programme you need to have the right mentality.

No whining, crying or complaining about how hard things are – Life is hard!

No telling me about what some other fitness douche said about a lift, method or training style – I honestly couldn’t give a fudge what others say as this is MY training system.

This is not a macho, toxic masculinity, boys only place neither.  Some of the hardest working, never surrender, baddest mother hubberds I’ve ever met are females.  

Like I said it’s an attitude and not what genitalia you have between your legs.

Everyone is welcome to my party, but not everyone can stay.  

You need to earn it first, so what are you waiting for?

Now Go Get The Day!

For more information and to register your interest just email us your details