Realfit Coach, Lucio Adger

We all know what it is to take the plunge into the journey of our physical fitness. It becomes a discipline at first, and eventually becomes a lifestyle. On paper if you were to write down what you have achieved or failed at when tackling your goals; it would read transparent to what you as the individual have fulfilled throughout that day. 

But in the moment, as the individual goes through each experience, the potential of experiencing a whole host of inner dialogue becomes apparent which does not always serve you well. The individual maybe battling with old habits that go against the desired goal. Inner voices of self-doubt that harm your progress which can highlight a mind that does not function with your interests at heart. For some people this can be a huge hurdle to work through and against and this is where Realfit Resolve comes in.

In a fast-paced world, moving ever closer to toward technological advancements, we neglect the ability to communicate with any clarity. More so than communication with others, do we know and understand importance of how to communicate with ourselves. Through the medium of physical training, Realfit Resolve combines the neurological and psychological together. By understanding the fundamentals of hard graft, we mesh together the inner workings to start the communication process of breaking down old habits and patterns. 

We start to understand the sub-conscious patterns that no longer serve us well anymore. We start to understand why these have been put in place in the first place. We learn to listen rather than to ignore, to accept rather than reject, and we evoke new responses that break free from the old way of being to get you on the path towards becoming the best version of you. The best thing about learning this discipline is that you can apply this to any foundation and aspect of your life, to help you adapt, re-build and overcome.

For more details on Realfit Resolve get in touch today and see how the programme can not only cater for your fitness needs but build upon your inner workings to keep you on the path to further your future development.

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