Realfit Coach, Gemma Heard

Are you pregnant and wanting to keep active during your pregnancy? Or maybe you’re a new mum wanting to get back into shape? 

As a new mum myself I want to show you safe, fun and effective exercises you can do before and after labour to keep you and your baby fit and healthy.

So what are you going to learn?

I’ll teach you specialised moves to help keep your core strong throughout your pregnancy but also safe and gentle exercises that will help rebuild your abdominals afterwards. 

I’ll demonstrate different workouts designed to burn fat, build muscle and gain strength that will all help prepare your body for labour but also help with recovery  after and I’ll explain plenty of Pelvic floor exercises to make sure you will be able to bounce on that trampoline once again!! 

I’ve been trained in pre and post natal exercise for many years but since having my first child 9 weeks ago I can now fully appreciate what our bodies have to go through. I also know that every pregnancy is different so what I experienced will be completely different to someone else so I’ll show you variations that can be adapted to suit your needs, different lengths of sessions as I know having a spare hour with a new born is pretty impossible and I’ll also share any tips I learn along the way of my own journey of being a new mummy. 

We really are incredible and I want to show you how to best prepare for the incredible journey of parenthood!!

For more information and to register your interest in our programme starting in January please contact us below

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