The Benefits of Training for your Mental health

When it comes to mental health and dealing with it creating articles like this can and should be met with caution.

On one hand, we all have to deal with our own mental health issues and learn how to manage them both at home and in public places.  This is something that you will learn over time and the methods and tactics you can use spread much further than a few hundred word article like this.

What I want to discuss today is more of the benefits training can have on you and start introducing you to the art of Iron Therapy.

The trust is if you want to find people with some of the biggest and wide spreading mental health issues than gyms are swarming with them, how do I know? Because I am one of them.  The Fitness industry itself has built itself on these insecurities and desires to the extent that we don’t even know what is our reason for training and what’s been spoon fed to us as the reason.

And whilst there are genuine coaches out their trying to help and keep you on track there are 1000’s of companies building off your insecurities to sell you rubbish that you don’t need and will make zero differences to your overall health and fitness goals.

At Realfit, we are a different breed of gym and our mission is and always will be to take away the elements of fitness that promote negative mindsets and instead fill you with the confidence in a friendly environment.

How do we do this?

Have Fun

Lets first forget the notion that being fit has to be super serious,at the end of the day your picking stuff up and putting it down again then running about a bit. No-one is going to the Olympics any time soon and even if you are being an uptight douche bag about everything will leave you with zero friends.  Training should be fun, though sure, require effort defiantly, but in the end if you don’t enjoy it its pointless and will only lead to more stress in other aspects of your life.  We are a community based gym, which means you turn up and train with people that want to become better versions of themselves.  Once you stop taking yourself too seriously, you then realise that you will achieve great things and do it in a group of people that want the same thing – to be happy and healthy

No Ego / No Judgement

No one cares how much you lift or how many abs you have beyond you and maybe your mum.  Though vanity can be a powerful tool to help keep people motivated, long term in the gym the negative aspects of having too much of it can lead to more mental health problems than any other trait.  No matter how good you think you are there is always someone better than you, so stop comparing yourself to others and stop measuring your worth against the size of your glutes.  At Realfit, we pride ourselves on ensuring everyone feels welcome and that they enter a non-judgemental environment.  We even have a no mirror rule that allows our members to concentrate on how they train over how they look.

Get your small wins

Achieving things you never thought possible,  improving your outlook and sharing your struggle with your fellow training partner is what training should be about.  We use fitness, not only to help shape our bodies but by simply turning up and training you help release hormones, like Endorphins, that help you feel better and shape your mind to a more positive place.  We offer a wide variety of classes and personal training packages, that allow you to explore new ways to get and keep fit so you never get bored and keep coming back for more.

Life is hard and though we can’t wave a magic wand and take away your stresses and self damaging talk, we want to offer a place that you can come and escape the day to day and get your daily dose of awesome, to help you feel better both in body and in mind.  We do this with our excellent team of experience coaches who’s mission is to help you find a fitness and nutrition regime that fits your lifestyle and only adds to the quality of your day – so if your ready to take action we are ready to help.

Now go get the day!