1.  Progressive Overload – Over time make sure that you are gradually progressing and increasing either the weights, reps, sets or the intensity etc…If you are always doing the same thing, then you are always going to get the same results!

 2.  Focus on your Form – Before you do the above and start upping the weights, make sure that you are performing the set exercise, correctly, and that you are feeling the targeted muscles working too. For example, if all that you can feel whilst you are doing a bench press is your shoulders, then most likely you need to stop, decrease the weight and look to get that chest engaged instead!

 3.  Stop Overtraining! – You might think training chest X5 days a week is a good thing, but in reality, it’s probably hindering your progress instead. If you are constantly battering the same muscle over and over again, then it is never getting the chance to rest up and recover, therefore not getting an opportunity to grow! Try and leave a gap of around 48hrs in between if you can depending on how hard you went, or instead partner muscles or movements together, therefore being able to train them more regularly (For example, Split your week up into push, pull & legs workouts instead).