How to overcome the lack of motivation

Hands down, motivation is the one very thing that stumps you every time in your efforts to train, eat well and exercise for whatever your goal is.

SO how do we combat this? And not just now, but I mean forever? Regardless of whether things are crazy in our personal lives, there is a pandemic, work is insane, how do we make sure that motivation is never a road block.


So many of you have in your heads that you are going to do this and that, without taking into consideration your lifestyle. You expect to train 7 days a week, 2 hours at a time, have all the energy in the world and be totally on it. Not going to happen! And not because you are useless or worthless, it’s purely because your schedule does not allow for this.

Accept that you have long work hours, your family are dependant on you and the house requires your attention- and that’s ok. Find a suitable plan that is realistic and manageable for you and your schedule and roll with that.

Focus on a FEELING

Yeah, it’s cool to have abs, don’t get me wrong. It’s the feeling you get during and afterwards that’s the real kicker! Moving the body releases serotonin, the “happy hormone”, which is why we feel good after our sessions. Use this as your WHY. The benefits of weight loss, muscle growth, body re-composition, increased bone density are all guaranteed results anyway.


What is your goal? To be free of injury? Gain muscle? Run 5k/ 10k? Lose weight? Cool. It’s great to have goals. My next question to you is, how are you going to get there?

Goals are absolutely needed. The above are some killer ones, but it’s worth having some smaller ones to get you there too. If running 5k is the goal, great, your goal may be to run twice a week. If the aim is to drop body fat, awesome, a daily action could be to walk 45 minutes a day.

You can see where I am going with this. Big and small goals are needed to help focus your efforts and provide clarity. Otherwise, what is it all for?

Small actions lead to bigger things

I call it The SnowBall effect. Let me explain:

Have you ever done the washing up and then find yourself sweeping the floor, tidying the cupboard, re organising and then suddenly you are knee deep in cleaning the oven scrubbing away. Before you know it, the entire kitchen is done and dusted, looking immaculate.

Well, that is the SnowBall effect. That one small action leads to another action, which leads to another and another to complete one big task. It’s the exact same approach to take with your health and fitness goals. One small action you can take each and every day, will lead to bigger and bigger things. Before you know it, you’ve smashed through a workout for yet another week!

These strategies are what’s going to give you the “push, drive, MOTIVATION” you are constantly searching for. Start with a 5-minute action and roll with that.

It’s always going to be a problem if you continue to rely on it. You do have options, so if it hasn’t worked for you so far, it’s probably worth trying the above.

Written by Realfit Coach Lauren

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