I would like to devote this blog to the amazing owners and trainers at Realfit. If you ask me what is the one thing that makes Realfit so special, it is its people.

Since I started, I have felt looked after, motivated, inspired and supported by all staff.  Jo and Pete, the owners of Realfit, keep coming up with innovative ideas to make Realfit even a better place that will attract new members as well retain the current ones.

All members recently received personal training Log books and Nutrition Guides that were both designed internally. These will, no doubt, motivate us to do well, record our goals and track progress. The free coffee is still flowing, you can munch on protein bars for a bit of pre or post workout boost and we get to train with a couple of new trainers too. The Realfit community is growing and it is great to meet new members. I am sure that all members have said it before but Realfit is just so much more than just a ‘gym’.

The Realfit trainers are all focused on seeing everyone succeed, they are all different which makes doing different sessions more fun. The focus is always on working hard for your personal level and focus on the right technique. All and all, the genuine effort from all staff is much appreciated by the members.