The weekend is here and Coach kev explains how to manage those calories:

“The sun is out and your suddenly aware that if you want to realise your lifelong dream of being talent spotted by a model agency whilst in the frozen food section at Lidl won’t be realised unless you start getting serious about your diet.
So we need to ensure we are in control of our calories

“But Kev I am super good during the week, I need help with what to do at the weekends?”

Well don’t you worry, Kev’s got your back, here is my how to avoid a weekend ruining your perfect week.

1) Track your calories
This seems super obvious but let’s face it, no matter how much of a dream week you have, the weekend nightmare will easily destroy any gains you have made.
what’s the answer? Track your calories!

A big part of what I try to teach in the Diet Clinic is that your calories on one day aren’t what make you gain, loose or maintain weight, but the accumulation over weeks, months and years.

So, if you want to have a pizza marathon at the weekend record your calories. That’s right every slice you consume is now recorded.
If you have a beer, wine or make it rain in da club with your homies – record it!

Two big things will happen if you do this:
a) You will be accountable and know how many calories you need to make up do stick to your target

b) Your less likely to over do it as you have a constant reminder of how much damage you’re doing

2) Choose lower calorie options
I hate being made to stop when I’m having fun. So instead of having to live the rest of the night sipping water and eating a celery stick you can be wiser with your choices and make the fun last all day.

a) Instead of a takeaway pizza that will be up to 3000 calories have a cook at home alternative that will be half that.
b) Instead of drinking high calorie options for your alcoholic beverage choose low calorie options. That could be things like light beer or clear spirit and zero calorie tonic.

It’s About Control Not Constriction!
Notice not once have I mentioned to not enjoy yourself. You work hard all week and deserve some chill time with the people you love most, life’s too short!
But if you are accountable to what you consume and manage your calories – you will ALWAYS win

Have an awesome weekend guys, I’m off to Lidl to hang around the garden peas, its just a matter of time!
Now go get the day!!”


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Now go and have a great weekend.