Why we started our fitness journeys


I’d always been active as a teenager but after a knee injury I joined a gym in my 20’s. I loved the atmosphere and the positive environment and learnt all about exercise & fitness for my own training. It became something I was really interested in and passionate about so I made the decision to qualify in it and have a complete career change. It was the best move I ever made.


I’ve always been pretty active growing up, dancing, gymnastics, sports clubs etc and then when I finished my A-levels I wanted to continue my love of dancing – I was awarded a 3 year musical theatre scholarship, at a fantastic musical theatre college, in Nottingham. I then worked professionally as a dancer/singer, for around 10 years, which took me all over the country and around the world.

I knew as my career was coming to an end, I needed to find something else that I loved and as I loved being in the gym, keeping fit and looking after myself, becoming a personal trainer seemed the perfect fit. And here we are nearly 9 years later, still learning, still helping all my wonderful clients to become happier and healthier and still in love with my job.


I started my journey in the fitness industry over 5 years ago. I have always loved sport and have exercised throughout my whole life.

I knew it was something i wanted to be involved in when i left school so becoming a coach was a perfect opportunity for me to carry on my love for training. I stay motivated by setting myself goals and keeping track of my progress, this allows me to see how I’m doing and drives me on to work harder.


You see I have many reasons I train, but the biggest ones are:

My Health – Big surprise but being fitter and healthier gives me a greater chance of living a full and prosperous life – therefore, I do everything I can to reverse this so I can enjoy this gift I call my body.

My Pride – Being seen by my children as a person who is strong and reliable, that can be consistent and who can work against great struggles is my biggest “Why”.  I love to lead by example and believe to my core that actions speak louder than words.

My Vanity – I like to look and feel my best, and to be fair my job kind of depends on me looking like I actually exercise a little.  Vanity gets a lot of stick but a little allows you to enjoy your hard earnt results.

You don’t need to be the fastest, the strongest or the leanest to be the most awesome version of yourself… you just need to show up, be consistent and get the work done.


I was always an active lad growing up and enjoyed all types of sports, especially football. I played at quite a decent level and even played for Cambridgeshire County on 7 occasions. So through that I was always training and staying active.

But it wasn’t until I was about 18/19, when I started going to the gym properly and learning more about training, recovery, nutrition etc. And in the end I lost a total of 3 stone! This passion of mine then led to me signing up to do a personal training course and take my passion into a career! And it’s been the best thing I’ve ever done.