Personal Training

Just what is personal training?

Personal training is where you attend sessions weekly, the Personal trainer creates one to one fitness programmes for you, motivating you and guides you to achieve your goals.

The coaches at Realfit are experts in their field and take pride as fitness professionals to make sure you are the focus of each and every session. With a wide range of skills, we will put you with the coach we feel you will get the most from. So whatever your fitness requirements are, from weight loss to rehab, getting stronger or to train for a special event we can help.


What are the Personal Trainers like at Realfit? – from the words of our clients

  • ‘friendly, professional, informative and inclusive’
  • ‘trainers create a safe, supportive and encouraging environment where you don’t feel the need to compare yourself’
  • ‘non-judgemental’
  • ‘Calm, nurturing, understanding and a will to help everyone be the very best form of themselves
  • ‘I like that each trainer has a different style/specialism. All the trainers have brilliant depth of knowledge and create a safe environment to train and push yourself in.
  • ‘Realfit coaches are very motivational but also make sure you are doing things right, so you don’t injure yourself


But how do I begin?

The staff at Realfit love to take a personal approach therefore we will invite you in for a chat. We will ask you to fill in a health questionnaire and we will discuss how personal training works down here at Realfit Centre.

Following a one to one discussion with a member of staff – we will then match you to a coach we deem to be appropriate (do not worry all of the staff are lovely).


Can I train with my partner or friend?

We know that Personal Training may be a very large step for you so all of our coaches are enthusiastic, encouraging and show a lot of compassion towards yourselves. But we also have many ratios available so you can train one to one, one to two or even one to three.


What are the prices?

P.T Prices are as follows:

We also offer you the opportunity to do 2 lots of 30 minute sessions a week if time and money are an issue for you.

TARIFF             1:1 per month 2:1 per month 3:1 per month
1 (1 hour) session weekly £150 £220 £260
2 (1 hour) sessions weekly £300 £440 £520
3 (1 hour) sessions weekly £450 £680 £780
*An initial payment of your first session is required when booking personal training