Is it time to change? NEW 6 week Re-start challenge

You’ve been in lockdown, you are stuck in a bad routine, you want to change but need that accountability.  Our NEW Time to Change 6 week Restart Challenge can help.

Now more than ever, is the time to change your lifestyle and habits and create new healthy habits that can last and keep you fitter for life’s challenges.

You will receive:

  • 3 x group training sessions per week (max 5 per pod)
  • An initial 1:1 assessment to give a starting point
  • A Final 1:1 assessment to show your progress.

The winner will receive 1 month of unlimited membership worth £97.

Price for the 6 week challenge – £145

The Details……….

Here is what to expect during your 6 weeks at Realfit

Initial Assessment

You will participate in a one to one initial assessment. This will help us understand your “current” strengths, weaknesses, endurance, and determination. An example of how the initial assessment will look: –

  • How far can you row in 10 minutes?
  • How long can you hold the plank (as time moves different variances)
  • How many zombie squats can you achieve in 3 minutes?
  • How many punches on the bag can you do in 2 minutes?
  • How long can you hold an Iso-metric squat?
  • How many push-ups can you do in 1 minute?
  • How many M.Ball Slams in 90 seconds can you do?

This will give us a clear indication of what your starting point is. Also, it’s a great way for us to track and grade the progression for the end result.

The Sessions

Sessions will take place on Monday 8pm, Wednesday 8pm and Saturday 12pm (18 sessions in total), and these will last approximately 40-45minutes. It will be high intensity work looking to improve physical fitness and endurance, leading up to the final exam (so to speak).

Part 3 – Final Assessment

This will be where you will participate in a one to one session  with your coach that will mimic the initial assessment. From here we will be able to establish how much progression you have made in the 6 Week Restart Challenge.

The person to have made the most progress will win an unlimited membership to train at Realfit for 1 month (worth £97).

So what are you waiting for – contact us today to book your place.  Places are limited and will be on a first come first serve basis.

Price for the 6 week challenge – £145

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