Realfits guide to stay fit and healthy through Winter months

It only seems like yesterday you were sipping on a mojito, next to the pool, whilst trying not to spill ketchup down your top from the BBQ hotdog but summer is over and now the nights get darker, wetter and colder for what seems like an eternity – It’s winter baby! and along with your lack of vitamin D – your motivation to train and diet goes away with it.

You’re not alone either and as everyone you know slowly starts to shut down for Christmas. You feel like you may as well join them and not worry about your waistline, until around April time, when the weather warms up and you can’t get away with oversized jumpers and stretchy trousers any more.

The real problem with this is it builds a terrible cycle of over indulgence and starvation.  We eat our body weight in chocolate covered goods for 6 months then feel the need to only eat cabbage soup for the other, if only there was a better way… 

At Realfit we don’t believe in extremes.  The whole point of our company is to work with people in their day to day lifestyles to find the best dose of fitness and health without needing to drastically change everything you enjoy.

So how do we stay fit and healthy for 52 weeks of the year? 

Low hanging fruit – Easy pickings = AMAZING results

OK so I need to work on the title but the idea is simple enough.  Basically, you need to start thinking about your minimums.  What’s the least you can do to keep your fitness, health and mindset in the green when times go a bit sideways.

Low Hanging Fruit Fitness & Health

For fitness, it should be the minimum days you will train.  And when I say train I mean actually doing a full workout that trains the whole body to increase your mobility, strength and metabolism.  At Realfit, we have found many of our members can fit in 2 such training sessions a week and maintain that year round.

2 training sessions is the perfect amount of training to maintain any gains you’ve made and even still see improvement overtime.  If you only have to make it to the gym or workout 2 times in the week you’re much more likely to stick to that and still be able to go to your Christmas socials with friends and family.

The best bit though, is if you feel like getting in a third or fourth session there is nothing stopping you.  As long as you hit that low hanging fruit fitness you are good to go. Add in some low intensity walks and activities with the family and your golden.

Low Hanging Fruit Nutrition

Nutrition is by far your biggest obstacle over the winter months, not only does everything become covered in delicious pastry and sugar, your invited to every man and his dog’s Christmas lunch to enjoy several beverages of an alcoholic nature.

All of which add up to thousands of extra calories in a very short amount of time – as fun as it is to get out the stretchy pants and just keep on rolling. Your body and mental health will thank you to have more of a plan of action when these times ‘roll’ around.

For low hanging fruit nutrition its about having some standards to work with each day:

  • Drink around 2 litres of water a day
  • Eat 3 protein rich meals a day
  • Eat fruits or vegetables at each meal

It’s not an exciting list or that original but if you stick to this as a base for each day, you will build consistency in your diet and that in the end is 100% the best way to ensure success in the long run.

So my day could look like this:

6am – Wake up and drink water & Breakfast – Protein shake and apple

9am – Have a glass of water with optional fruit

12pm – Lunch – Leftover Fajita from last night

3pm – Glass of water with optional fruit

6pm – Dinner – Veggie Curry

Meal timing is such a powerful tool in your nutritional tool box.  It allows a simple template in which we can build some consistency to allow us the best chance of success as we go.  If we needed to make it more optimal by adding more quality nutrients like protein then we can just add or replace one of the options above.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

In the end, you are your own worst critic and despite being awesome you will find ways to sabotage yourself in the name of habits and rituals that you have learned through your life,  And that’s fine.

The most important part of life is to live it and that’s why at Realfit we make it our mission to help our members find the best solution for them.  By using the low hanging fruit mentality, you will get all the benefits of fitness and health, without having to feel deprived or a party pooper. 

So set your standards and enjoy this most wonderful time of the year.

Now go get the day!