You know what I feel your pain! 

The whole world is awash of beautiful people with abs so cut that you could grate some extra hard Parmesan cheese that you’ve had sitting in your fridge for the last 6 months.

You open a magazine – Fit people on the beach seductively exiting the water like a swan

You watch a film – Some fitty in tight spandex beating up CGI monsters like my 3-year-old hammers bags of Wotsits

Never mind the adverts that are on every 5 minutes that like to depict that unless you are young, beautiful and consistently pouting like a duck, you will forever be a useless bag of doo doo, its no wonder we seem to have an obsession with the body beautiful.

But the problem is that by setting these ridiculous examples of perfection warp the true meaning of fitness and more importantly HEALTH.

You see looking like a Greek god/goddess has a cost, and unless your handed the lucky gene card the cost for you may be too much.

Let me explain with a graph:








To illustrate this further let’s look at a fitness regime of the movie star who has transformed their physique rapidly in a short space of time for the latest action-packed movie

Training: Twice a day involving multiple disciplines 7 days a week

Diet: 100% perfect to the last ounce. No cake, crisps, biscuits, pastries and NO ALCOHOL .  Just veggies, protein and plenty of water – that’s it!!

Sleep: 7-9 hours a night plus naps

Social life: Minimal – everything you do is revolved around training, eating and remembering your lines

Time with the kids: Read above

Time for yourself: lol!

You see what I mean about cost? Are you willing to do the above to see some abs?


Instead let’s look at what you should be using training and nutrition for Health. 

Abs are cool I’m sure, but what’s cooler is improving your quality of life and having balance!

This requires much less cost and will mean you can function like a human being rather than a sexy acting robot.

What does a regime that promotes health look like?

Training: 2-4 times a week – /you can do more but really, we want something that is manageable consistently for you

Diet: 80% of the time you try to consume the good stuff – veggies, protein and plenty of water.  The rest is yours to do what you want with. 

Want a beer? Go for it!

Want a piece of cake? It’s yours!

Want to hoover a whole box of celebrations whilst watching love island? That might be pushing it, better start with half a box ?

Sleep: This should be around 7-9 hours as many nights as possible, but at least 6-7 hours a night

Social life: Whatever your schedule allows, but as much as you can!

Time with the kids: Read above

Time for yourself: lol! I’m not a blooming magician, but just try your best

Hell, if you do half of the above it’s better for you than doing nothing.  And that’s just it – if your moving, your winning.  Being healthier and feeling better has an amazing ability to influence every part of your day and makes you more productive and in a better mood.

So when setting your goals, weather you’re a seasoned pro or a reformed ex-couch potato understand you can achive whatever goal you want, but instead of trying to go from 0-60mph in 3.1 seconds look at making small, manageable changes that will allow consistency.

Those small consistent changes lead to big consistent changes offer time and you don’t have to feel like you have failed the ridiculous goals you set yourself chasing the body beautiful.

You’re awesome and its time you start acting like it!

Now go get the day!!

Coach Kev

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