Our main focus is helping people to get fit and stay fit in a non judgemental, fun, community based environment – no mirrors, no throwing of weights to the ground, no spending hours readjusting the barbells, no having to work out what to do. You just turn up to the centre and we do the rest – well not quite, you do have to work out!

Small Group Training Sessions (St Neots and Riseley)

Based on functional movements we use bodyweight, dumbbells and kettlebells to give you an all over body workout which will help strengthen your body, increase your muscle tone, decrease your body fat and generally leave you feeling more confident and fitter in all aspects of your life.

Each class is taken by a qualified personal trainer who will show you what to do, make sure you are doing right, to prevent injuries, and help you achieve your own personal goals.

All you have to do is turn up  – and sometimes that’s the hardest part, which is why we believe being part of a community helps people to stay motivated, be accountable and get it done.

HIIT Classes (St Neots and Riseley)

Our high intensity interval training classes use all the methods above but in these classes it’s mainly about the cardio, which is increasing your heart and lung capacity to get you fit, healthy and strong. We like you to leave feeling breathless.

Strength Club (St Neots and Riseley)

We all need to be stronger. Weather its to help us complete daily tasks better or to help improve other fitness qualities. Strength Club is a great way to introduce yourself to strength training. You will learn and progress your compound strength movements like squats and presses whilst also working on improving your weaknesses with targeted accessory movement and mobility work.

Womens Lift (St Neots)

Strength training can seem intimidating, especially to female trainers. And though our Strength club is welcoming and encouraging you may feel the need to build your confidence up first. Woman’s lift is perfect for this and you will be able to learn the compound movements with the coach on a more 1-to-1 basis whist still being in a group environment.

Realfit X (St Neots and Riseley)

The goal of Realfit X is to allow you to experience higher intensity workouts with the Realfit twist. The session is made up of 3 short but intense circuits that will build Strength, Power, Muscle and endurance like no other. Each circuit is completely different to the last so you will never get board and always have a challenge to complete. We advise that you have done at least a month of Realfit sessions before trying this class.

Senior Novement Classes (St Neots andn Riseley)

As we get older our muscle and bone density decreases and this can result in us not being as flexible as we were. It can also result in osteoporosis or brittle bones.These classes are designed to increase the muscle and bone density, keep you flexible and help the brain by learning new skills and testing your balance.

Is Realfit for me? We believe one of the great aspects of our classes are they suit people of all fitness levels because we can adapt them to suit your ability. We also insist you try before you buy because we know people only stick at something they like and we want you to enjoy and benefit from our knowledge and classes.

Following government guidelines we have all Covid-19 practices in place for your’s and our staffs safety.

For more information please contacts us on 07864 364037

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