Do you realise how easy it is to make healthier lifestyle choices? No? – then read the article down below to find out some more information:

Many people state that the reason they don’t choose healthy alternatives is because of cost and expenditure. But is this the case? I honestly believe that its more the effort and thought that needs to go into the idea of broadening one’s horizons. Also, if you have children, the extra effort needed to either make them eat the new food over the old or cooking multiple foods over one main meal can be a pain.

To prove a point if you were to have burger and chips (either take away or home-made), the burger itself will work out at £2.50, chips being £2.29 and the buns costing £0.70 giving a grand total of £5.49. You may skimp on the cooking marginally, but the food will, dare I say be not too nutritional in value.

Whereas, if you were to look at lean beef mince, it would cost £1.79, Sweet potatoes x 2 would cost £0.78, an onion would cost £0.10 with added seasoning and potential salad costing £1.00. Though a potential of more prepping time, you will have a healthier and dare I say tastier meal for £3.67 giving you a reduction of £1.82.

So, granted with our busy schedules and family gubbins we have to deal with, its not the price that effects our alternative, but it is our effort that is in question for a potential shift in healthy eating habits.

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