Wow, we blinked, and we are 7!!  Where has that time gone?

December 2013, I had an idea, I went into partnership and Realfit was born.  1st July 2014 the Realfit doors were open, our ethos was community, our focus was helping people, our goal was to create somewhere people loved to be.

Seven years on with lots of ups (mainly) and downs and changes within the business I now solely own Realfit and have a great team of people surrounding me as we continue to move the business in the right direction. We have constantly evolved into who and what we are today but the ethos of how I wanted the business to look, and feel has always stayed the same.  Fun, Friendship and Community.

Running a business is pretty difficult enough and over the years we have had enormous internal challenges to face which has also included the Covid-19 pandemic – the last year has had its pros and cons of being closed.  On the plus side our centre has now been fully decorated and just recently we have had local artist, Jonnie Barton, in to splash some colour everywhere.  It really does feel and look amazing now, if I do say so myself!  This would never have happened if we had not been closed.  We have also reviewed our tariffs and streamlined our systems making the Covid-19 downtime productive.  We also got into doing classes online and are just about to-relaunch our online offerings. If there has been a negative it has been that we have missed being open and seeing all our wonderful customers.

Thankfully we are now back open with so much going on, the centre has a buzz about it that wasn’t here during the pandemic closures.  Our customers are coming back through the door, and we are completely Covid-19 secure.

It really is a pleasure coming into work each day and I would like to thank everyone involved in the running of Realfit,   Lorraine Bradley – for being my right-hand woman and steering me in the direction I need to go, Kevin Jeffrey for being the go-to fun element of the business and entertaining any ideas that I come up with , Lucio Adger for constantly listening to my rambles, ideas and general madness and keeping me grounded,  Jacob Taylor, for simply saying ‘Yes’ to everything I throw at him to do, Andy Chappell-Lewis for just doing fitness differently and bringing a different dimension to the centre, Scott  Davies for simply coming in and getting on with the job in hand, Gemma Heard for just being Gemma and coming back after having her baby, Amy Barr who has just started here  helping with the admin and marketing and not forgetting David Hodges who always helps out with our design ideas and website.

An absolute massive thank you to each and every customer that walks through our doors, we simply wouldn’t be here without you, we wouldn’t be doing what we are doing and we couldn’t plan new ideas without you.

What is going to happen over the next 7 years?  Who knows, but what I do know is we will continue to provide high-quality, affordable fitness to each and every one of you that wants to participate.

Joanne Oxenham