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We, here at Realfit, would like to offer you free access to our new online services. This will include a plethora of articles, videos, and exercises to help you push towards your fitness goals and desires. Whether it be following and finding routines designed by specific personal trainers here at Realfit to challenge yourself further, designing your own workouts to target specific areas you wish to work on with our library of exercises, or to gain more knowledge and technique in a field of fitness you wish to explore. Realfit Online will be able to fulfil that need. Services available are as follows:

  • All Recorded Realfit Sessions ranging from our standard range, our RealGrit and even our Realfit X sessions (New ones coming soon)
  • Specialist sessions such as HIIT, Boxing, and Stretch sessions
  • Community sessions such as our Senior Movement
  • Menopause Workshops
  • Nutrition Management Courses (coming soon)
  • Realfit Approved Challenges
  • Mind Set Coaching
  • Weekly Q&A
  • Podcasts (coming soon)
  • Trainer Specific Workouts, Training and Guidance (coming soon)

So, as you can see there is so much at offer here to help guide, push and motivate you toward a fitter, healthier and stronger lifestyle. Visit us on to register for free* until 31/12/2020.

* From the 01/01/2021 the price will be £12 a month.