Flex & Flow is back!

It’s been a couple of years and if you are lucky enough to have been a member of Realfit for some time, you may remember the Flex & Flow classes.

Well as of November they are back and will be delivered online during this lockdown.

Flex & Flow is designed to improve your Mobility and Flexibility in a fun, challenging and novel way. While flexibility is your ability to stretch a muscle out without movement, mobility is where you can move your joints through their full range making movement less effort and decreasing your chance of injury.

Do you have good mobility? Here’s a little test for you (please perform this safely in a safe environment).

Lay on your back (with plenty of space around you), and get up into a standing position.

Was that difficult?
Did you have to use any furniture to lift yourself up?
How many hands did you need to use?

This is one of the most basic movements you ever learnt, you could do it when you were little but I doubt it’s that straightforward anymore.

You should be able to get up with no help and no hands at all. And back down again with any falling and without any noise.

This is a lack of mobility, but the good news is it isn’t a sign of age, it’s a sign of not mobilising your body enough and is easy to fix.

Whether you just feel a bit stiff and achy, you realise your fitness is being held back by your lack of good movement or you just want to be able to get off the floor easier – Flex & Flow is for you. It also makes a good recovery session from some of the more intense classes we have to offer.

Our online Flex & Flow class will be on our time-table every Tuesday at 12:30.

Hopefully I’ll see you online soon.

Coach Andy

For more information please contacts us on 07864 364037

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