I found a really good fitness quote last week and it got me thinking.
“Having a body you can count on to do all the stuff you wanna do every day makes your whole life better” GMB Fitness.
Fitness, gyms and exercise are for some people the reason they get up every day. For an athlete this is their sole focus and their living; all the sacrifices and consistent work for one end goal. And there is nothing wrong with this.
For most of the general population though, the gym is something to supplement their lives. Most of us are not athletes and shouldn’t be training like them either. The problem is sports are very specific (run this fast, throw this far, lift this much), but day to day life is not, and the more you specialise the less good you get at other things.
So is there a happy medium where you can be stronger, more mobile, not get out of breath and recover better? These are certainly things that will make you more resilient to whatever life throws at you and overall make your life better.
Everyone could achieve this through a good training program. So if you follow a training program, have another look at it and compare it to what you are actually after.
Is it all just heavy lifting?
Is it endless cardiovascular training?
Are there any skills being learnt throughout?
And do you have to concentrate while you are doing it?
(If not, you are just going through the motions)
This is because life is not just one big push on a weights machine, one single paced jog in a straight line or a choreographed set of moves; the real world will have you twisting, turning, carrying, lifting (rarely convenient shaped weights), and adapting.
The big question should be whether your training is supplementing your life and making things easier or if all the time in the gym is taking from the rest of your life. This is not an excuse to not be dedicated or work hard, but exercise should have a positive and noticeable effect on the rest of your life.
Give it some thought………and if it’s not, come have a chat with one of our experienced coaches who will get you on the right path.
Coach Andy
Realfit Centre