Realfit isn’t and will never be an elitist gym. It’s completely against our ethos as a gym that serves all with a broad range of goals.
You see we really are individuals and everyone has different aims they want to achieve through training and they are all just as valid. This is so important that it deserves capitals –
In fact it’s wrong to ever assume that someone’s aims would even be the same as yours; what’s important for one isn’t necessarily even a thought to another.
I always remember (when working at a previous gym), as the coaches ate and chatted between themselves a couple of the “lads” would always discuss protein powders and a variety of famous bodybuilders and physique models.
I used to nod enthusiastically and listen but to be honest I’d never heard of any of the people being mentioned. In fact I had zero interest in competition bodybuilding; impressive no doubt and an incredible application of fitness science but just not something I’ve ever been interested in. But I would never discredit other people’s passion for bodybuilding or anything else; being passionate about something is always a good thing.
Each to their own, but it becomes a problem when you judge others by your passions. It’s like asking Cristiano Ronaldo what his best deadlift is and scoffing that yours is better, or judging strong man Eddie Hall on his lack of six-pack abs.
What needs to be praised is someone’s dedication, consistency and effort towards whatever their goal, be that a heavy deadlift, moving better and pain free or taking 30 seconds off their latest Park Run.
We all have (and have had) a different journey through health, fitness and exercise and life in general, and at Realfit everyone is welcome who wants to move forward whatever their goals; it’s your individual journey but we at Realfit will support you all the way.