Get to know the Realfit coaches through their own words. The fourth coach or shall we say elf in this series is Scott.


Hey guys, I’m Scott. I’m 24 and have been in the fitness industry since early 2017 from when I actually passed my Personal Training course here down at Realfit.

I then went on and worked in a couple of gyms whilst building up my own personal training business ‘SD Personal Training’ before returning to Realfit in the summer of 2018 and haven’t looked back since!

My main focus is on helping people transform their bodies both physically and mentally, enabling them to feel happier and more comfortable in their own skin.

I was quite a chubby teenager growing up before I lost around 3 stone one year which then actually led me to becoming a personal trainer myself as I wanted to use my own personal experiences to help others be able to do the same thing


I use a multiple of different styles within my sessions including strength training, HIIT, Crossfit, Boxing etc & I love the odd burpee too, so be aware!….