Get to know the Realfit coaches through their own words. The second coach or shall we say elf in this series is Gemma.


Hey, my name is Gemma and I am personal trainer based here at Realfit. I’ve been a part of the Realfit family for over 6 years, now where I strive to achieve the best possible results for all my clients. I pride myself on being a very approachable, caring, fun and dedicated coach who will do all I can to help you achieve your goals.

Over the years I have always pushed myself to continuously learn new skills, add to my qualifications and gain up to date knowledge to be able to provide the best care for my clients. I specialise mainly in women’s fitness, pre and postnatal care when exercising, over 60’s fitness and I’m also qualified in sports massage.

Last year I was lucky enough to become a mummy to my beautiful little boy Finley. I had some quality time off work to spend looking after him but I also continued my fitness training, where I could, but I certainly now know how difficult it is to try and fit exercising and trying to eat healthily.

I absolutely love my job, I love seeing how fitness can really change peoples lives in a positive way and it’s not always about loosing weight. Fitness is a magic pill for mental well-being, that special drug that keeps our minds active and helps clear away the stresses of our day to day lives.

Get in touch to start your fitness journey today, there’s something for everyone.

I look forward to meeting you xx