Get to know the Realfit coaches through their own words. The first coach or shall we say elf in this series is Andy. So get reading either down below or via the image above to find out a bit more about Andy.

Hi I am Andy, I have worked full-time in the fitness industry since 2004 and have a passion for helping everyone move better, become stronger and reach their full physical potential no matter what their starting point.

Over my career I have helped many clients to move free of pain and injury, and to achieve things they would have never believed possible before. Whether complete beginners to physical exercise, clients returning from injuries and illness or athletes looking for a competitive edge. I have the skills to motivate, create drastic improvements and thoroughly and meticulously coach clients to achieve their goals.

With massive enthusiasm and passion for dynamic body weight training, training tools such as kettlebells, exercise games to challenge coordination and just teaching people to breath correctly, I can coach you from where you are today to a damn awesome version of yourself.

I also have many other achievements throughout my career – for example, over 30 years in Martial Arts, Sports Arts and Self Defence Combat systems. I gained my Personal Trainer certificate, Olympic lifting, Boxing pad, Boxercise and Health and Exercise nutrition qualifications as well.

Plus I have participated in many seminars, lectures, workshops and online courses covering exercise psychology, pain management, advanced dietary practises, freedom of movement and many more.