Free Week Here at Realfit!

We here at Realfit want to offer a free week to allow people to come and try what we have to offer, and more importantly, what makes us different to other gyms in the surrounding area. What is it that WE can offer YOU?

During this free week you can experience a whole host of classes. We have our small group training programmes that runs multiple times a day which are specifically designed and delivered weekly by a team of REAL Personal Trainers. These instructor-led classes are created and optimised for people of all levels to enjoy, get fit and healthy and ultimately, break barriers to become a better, stronger version of YOU. Having that Personal Trainer there coaching, educating and pushing you, allows you the autonomy to stretch yourself as far as you are willing to push yourself, under guidance and in a very sociable environment.

For people who want a harder challenge and have the fundamentals down, we have both the Realfit-X and the Real-Grit.

Realfit-X works at a harder standard and grants a harder complex of compound exercises that will test you physically as well as test your mental game. You will be hitting those chin-ups, smashing those deadlifts, gritting your teeth pushing/pulling the prowler as well as many more things involving dumbbells, kettlebells, slam balls etc. Designed and delivered by our resident personal trainer Kevin Jeffery, who will look to get you through some of the toughest experiences to get you the best results.

Real-Grit is another programme that will look to really test your mettle. Looking anywhere between 5-10-minute rounds allowing only a 1-minute rest period between rounds. Real-Grit will out you through a host of different disciplines designed to burn, shape and tone. Examples would include combinations of plyometric, iso-metric, HIIT (high, intensity, interval, training), Kettlebell, Dumbbell and body weight exercises to attain that goal you so desire. Designed by another resident personal trainer Lucio Adger, who will direct you to the success you want.

For people wanting to up their strength game, we have our Realfit Strength Club and our Ladies Lift programme.

In both Realfit Strength and Ladies Lift, we work along a rota hitting our main compound movements. These are accompanied by other movements to ensure that progress made is sustained and constantly improved upon. The compound movements covered are barbell squat, barbell deadlift, barbell overhead press and barbell bench press. Again, each session is designed and delivered by a resident Personal Trainer who will also deliver the session, providing their expertise and techniques to keep you on the path of constant and consistent strength gain. Both these sessions are run by either Scott Davies or Kevin Jeffery.

We offer other programmes too such as stretch classes taken by Jacob Taylor and we are soon to be adding more to the list.

So if you are looking for a new environment that is different from other conventional gyms, an environment that will help direct, support and provide expert advice as well as provide a community that you could be apart of. Get yourselves down to Realfit for our free week and experience it for yourself.

Contact us today by tel/text 07864 364037 or email

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